Thursday, June 10, 2010

Those of a “different spirit” possess the new land!

Caleb was able to “see” that the land the Lord sent them into was the land of promise. While others were intimidated and filled with unbelief Caleb was stirred with faith that they could do what the Lord called them to do – in spite of the giants and fortified cities!

The Lord is seeking a generation who can “see” the land of promise and step into that land with confidence and faith, abandoning themselves to Kingdom purposes! Our land of promise is our own hearts, families, congregations and communities! God wants to bring restoration and redemption to every part of the “land” where we live!

Jesus is calling us to a spiritual revolution! It’s a revolution out of the status quo of compromised American Christianity! It’s a revolution into intimacy and holiness! It’s a revolution unto the redemption of everything that has been defiled by sin and rebellion! The spiritual revolution is unto supernatural transformation!

God is moving in powerful ways across the earth transforming entire communities with His presence and power! At the beginning of the 21st Century, eight communities were identified as being supernaturally transformed. Today, almost 1,000 communities in 45 nations represented on every continent have been impacted by the fire of transforming revival in just one decade!

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