Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 5: Nuko, The First Transformed Village in Fiji

We had another exciting truck ride today, this time up into the mountains! We arrived at Nuku just before lunch. Nuku was the first village that was transformed in Fiji in 2003, and it is the village where Reverend Viuniani is the chief. When we walked through the gate of the village, we all felt the manifest presence of the Lord, and it was like a wind of His presence greeted us as we stepped foot in their village! The peace of the Lord was thick and tangible, and we could hardly believe how tangible it was. We all got into the stream that was healed and flows clear. It used to be polluted, and is now pure, even though the source of the stream is still polluted and rusty in color. Again it was surreal to know the story of Nuku, and then to feel and experience in person was awesome. We had a powerful time of prayer in the stream as the pastor and several elders of the village cried out to the Lord on our behalf!

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