Thursday, June 10, 2010

Beginning the Journey

Our team is very diverse! Some are just out of high school, some in college, others in the marketplace, and some are already in full-time ministry. One thing is certain: All of us were hand-picked by the Lord to go to Fiji, so that we can bring this experience to our own nation! God provided finances miraculously - some to the exact dollar amount needed! The lifestyle of transformation is already in our hearts, and we are ready to see that dream become a reality where we live. There is a desire to be in the middle of what the Lord is doing and see His Kingdom come on Earth as it is in Heaven, which is something we expect to witness first-hand in Fiji!

Many of us feel as though we are jumping off a cliff into the unknown! But we know in our hearts this will be the most exhilarating adventure of our lives! We are traveling to the other side of the world not as observers, but as hungry, desperate people ready to abandon ourselves to do whatever it takes to see transformation in the Western World!

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