Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 2 in Fiji

We rested on a flat surface for the first time in over 40 hours, and it was splendid. The roosters were greeting us from 3:30 AM on, which was fine (not really). We had a unique opportunity to spend the morning listening to Chief Vuniani teaching on Healing the Land. Wow – a lot to digest but what an awesome time hearing the teaching and all the testimony of transformation in Fiji and other nations.

Tomorrow, the Police Commissioner and several police officers are going to come share with us about the national “Crime Prevention Plan,” which is to evangelize every potential criminal across Fiji! So far, almost every police officer is born-again, and they are holding evangelistic crusades across the nation in uniform, with a 40% reduction in crime!! That should be an interesting time.

Tomorrow afternoon, we are joining the HTL team in home-visits within their neighborhood. They have been ministering into the mostly Muslim/Hindu community with the love of Jesus. As a result, the neighborhood is holding their community meetings at the Healing the Land base, and looking to them for leadership in the community. Imagine that!

We are having a great time, to say the least, and we are blessed beyond our expectation! More updates to follow, and thank you for your prayers and support!

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