Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Latest Update from Tavua!

Bula Rhonda,

Well I am back home resting after the 2weeks HTL process at Rukuruku, but the church leaders continue to update me of the great things that God is doing in the community.

Fish, crabs, and other sea creatures that they had once enjoyed but had been taken away from them for almost 20 years are now back in the reefs. They all just turn up, in huge quantity. Two other surrounding villages are being blessed because of this. The woman folk of the village went out to catch crab on Tuesday (6th July 2010), they came singing and praising the Lord cause He has healed their land resulting in the abundance of crabs they caught. I was told that the catch they had on Tuesday was rare and for the first time for them to see that after all these years of dwelling on that land.

The word of God that I received from the Lord for Rukuruku was from Joel 2.....It is a prophecy of what God will do to this community.

The Lord said that He will do Great things in Rukuruku and they need not to fear but be joyous and praising the Lord for He will do Great things to them.

The HTL team are already facilitating a process in Sigatoka and I have just received a call today from one of the islands outside of Nadi that they want us to come and help it is more of a Macedonian Call....So in a few weeks we will be there to do HTL process. The name of the island is Yanuya. I believe that the river that burst from Rukuruku is now flowing to other communities.

Thank you for your continuous prayer support, we really value your teams input into all that happened at Tavua.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Update 3 from Tavua: Late Week 2

Wow guess what, last night I just got to preach for about 25minutes when the presence of the Lord intervene and I just couldn't continue and at that same time people were shaking everywhere inside the makeshift and I just ended up calling them forward, everybody came running form all direction, yes they did not walk but literally ran to the alter......and the presence of the Lord just swept everybody to the floor.....As that was happening, our prayer team that were praying at the porch of the house where you (Females) stayed at...their eyes were opened and they saw that Jesus was standing at the Pulpit and a river burst out from where Jesus was and right into the makeshift.....and they didn't even know what was actually taking place in the meeting venue. Yes HE showed up and everybody were drawn to HIM.

We believe that God is going to do things in Rukuruku that we haven't seen before.

Well God definately is in town....and when that happens you know what follows...healing....blessings and miracles.......
Thank you for labouring with us here in Rukuruku, Tavua.


Update 2 from Tavua: Middle of Week 2

Greetings from Dodo,
We are going into the second week of process in Tavua, and God has already starting to show up in the village. I will tell you what has happened in the village after just 1 week of the process. The majority of the villagers are sugarcane farmers, and for several years they have been asking the government's assistance by providing a truck to transport their cane to the mill. Yesterday, thanks to the faithfulness of God in His word, they received not one, but two 7 ton trucks for the villagers to keep.
Not only that, these farmers did not harvest their cane last season because of financial constraints faced by them in the cost of labor( cutters) . That same day, the mill called these farmers to come and collect their checks because their cane is going to be harvested. Now they have the money for labor and the trucks, harvesting will start as soon as the HTL process is over. One of these farmers is the chief of the tribe himself.
In the service every evening, the pastors had a hard time controlling the people because nearly everybody wants to share testimonies of extraordinary things that they are experiencing in the villages.
An old man stepped up to confess that he once sacrificed a bullock to a ten headed snake god. It has haunted his family and friends that they did the ritual with. Now he is being set free, praise the Lord!
Yesterday morning we saw three qualified but unemployed brothers in one family receive call-ups from work places in Suva and Nadi!
As from today onwards the Healing the land team will adopt the HARP N BOWL WORSHIP AND PRAYER STYLE, and it is found to be very effective in the process. Thank you guys for teaching us!

Update from Tavua: End of Week 1

Greetings from the HTL team here at Rukuruku (the village) in Tavua. We are all blessed to be right in the midst of the awakening of God’s Presence. Well, your team was a blessing to this community while you were hear, and I believe you still are because of your continued prayer support from your different cities towards the HTL process in Tavua.

The presence of the Lord is hovering the whole community, resulting in healings and blessing that took the community by surprise beginning this morning (29th June). I shared last night from John 5 about Jesus healing a man at the pool at Bethsaida who was crippled for 38 years. Jesus asked the man, “Do you want to be healed?” The Bible says that were many that were sick, but Jesus asked this one man that very important question....and the rest is history. I told the people last night that Jesus is coming to Rukuruku, and He is asking the same question “Do you want to be healed?” to anyone that was crippled. The next few verses it says that the man was healed instantly, suddenly...I told them the Jesus is going to heal and bless their community suddenly...suddenly. After I spoke, the Lord's presence broke loose in the meeting place, softening people’s hearts, and Pastor Bill found it hard to end the meeting last night. God was taking OVER....Amen!...
This morning people begin to come to us and share what God had suddenly done for them....they are of course blessing and miracles....God is Awesome!

We began the home visitation yesterday, and people just openly confess their sins....husband and wives asking forgiveness from each other for committing adultery with another man or woman. The Lord's presence just broke loose in all the homes as people ask and accept forgiveness from family members. Yes, there was a revival of repentance.

Please ask that God would continue to reveal his heart to us regarding the community, and also pray that He continues to shine his presence into the community and in each home. Please also for HTL team to be strengthened by the Lord, as tiredness is slowly creeping in.

Rhonda, please pass on our love and blessing to all the team, and we really acknowledge the great blessing you have been to the HTL team and the Rukuruku community as a whole.
Blessings, Savenaca (Leader of the HTL Team)

Day 9– Tavua Village – Spiritual Atmosphere Change!

The second morning we had a bit more sleep and gathered at 7 AM to pray as a team. As we worshiped we noticed the chatting of people in the village – it sounded so different. As we listened we realized there was a difference in the spiritual atmosphere! There was light and joy coming out of the people, even early in the morning. Our team prayer walked through the village two by two blessing what God was doing, and we felt there was a lightness and joy in the atmosphere that was not there the previous day! The Lord was breaking through as a result of the corporate repentance the night before, and we were so encouraged! We had a powerful time of prophetic prayer and worship that morning in the hut of prayer! The village gathering was also powerful as the HTL leaders taught the people about the consequences of covenant breaking and sexual immorality. Again, at the altar call EVERYONE came forward and repented!

Early in the afternoon we departed for the village for Nadi to prepare for our return home. We spent the afternoon at a hotel getting hot showers, debriefing, and then traveling to the airport with Chief Vuniani and his wife Betty. It was a good time to talk and pray and begin to transition out of Fiji village life and prepare our hearts to come home. Leaving Fiji was hard, but we know this is an on-going Kingdom relationship with many more adventures ahead!

The HTL team continued to teach the word of the Lord in the village during the first week, then the second week (through the first week of July) they will begin visiting every home in the village. They uproot all sin and facilitate the repentance/reconciliation process both between the family and the Lord and with one another. Each home will be spiritually cleansed, anointed, and consecrated to the Lord.

Day 8 – Tavua Village – Worshiping on Ancient Foundations!

We woke up Tuesday morning in Tavua after only a couple hours of sleep…our team was planning on a night-watch for the house of prayer, then at midnight Pastor Bill told us we would have a 5 a.m. prayer time! By time we got settled and got to sleep it was around 2 AM for some, making a short night! At 5 AM we all stumbled back to the prayer-shack, and our flesh was SO WEAK! We leaned into the presence of Jesus and asked for strength! We were also fasting food and there was no coffee to be found., creating a potential flesh crisis for sure!! We pressed in – nobody complained and the team engaged their hearts even in their weakness.
After a powerful prayer time with the HTL team and an hour to get ready for the day, we started the house of prayer. As we entered into worship the Lord strengthened us and began to give prophetic insight into the spiritual climate and what was on God’s heart. We cried out for the word of the Lord to run swiftly through the village as the transformation process began! The Lord opened our eyes to the ancient foundations and gave revelation about the new foundation He was establishing through His word in the community. It was an amazing morning in prayer!! Our weakness didn’t seem to bother the Lord, ha!

Half of our team then went to the village gathering to pray, and the other half kept the “fire burning on the altar,” meaning we prayed and worshipped at the hut of prayer. Many from the village gathered that morning to hear the word of the Lord. The HTL leaders preached a strong word about idolatry!
We discovered that day that our shack was literally a couple feet away from ancient ruins! We could see the stones of one of the first huts in the village. We were stunned because God was uprooting ancient foundations to establish His kingdom, the very thing we had prayed that morning!
That evening we continued the house of prayer and intercession at the gathering, and the whole village came to the gathering to hear the word of the Lord! The hut of prayer was HOT! The Lord brought so much revelation and fire as we prayed and worshiped! At the end of the meeting the ENTIRE VILLAGE REPENTED for idolatry!!! We were privileged to be able to pray with the people in prayer by laying hands on their shoulders. We stood in the middle of a corporate people who were broken before God for their unfaithfulness and spiritual harlotry. It was a powerful, life-changing experience for us and them both.

As the altar time ended people started shouting to look to the sky. There was a sign in the heavens!! A giant circle (halo) had surrounded the moon, almost the circumference of the area where we were meeting. The HTL leaders said “it’s an open heaven” (they see those things frequently), while our team usually does not! It looked like the eye of God looking down on the village. The villagers knew God had heard their cry!! (2 Chronicles 7:15 – “now my eye will be attentive to the prayers made in this place”).

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day 7 in Fiji: Tavua Village – Entering Hostile Territory

We traveled most of the day across the mountains again toward the village of Tavua. When we crossed into the region we felt the shift in the spiritual atmosphere. There had not been a transformed village here before, and you could feel the ancient strongholds in this dark land. Idols were prominent and “guarding” villages, the people looked oppressed, and the spiritual climate felt hostile. As we arrived into the village it had just gotten dark and the spiritual atmosphere was intense! We quickly unpacked and started our “hut of prayer”!
The first thing we did as a team was to confess all our sins out loud, repenting to one another for unkind words, attitudes, etc. We then repented “Fijian style:” On the count of 3 we shouted out all known sin. We cleansed our hearts together before the Lord. We were going into battle, and we wanted to be on the same page and have right hearts before the Lord! It was a powerful time of connecting as a team, and reconnected to the Lord.
The prayer and worship time settled our hearts, and a strange, hostile environment quickly became a sanctuary of the Lord’s presence – an “embassy of heaven”. It was awesome!! We worshipped and prayed all evening, securing the perimeter in the spirit. We felt the Lord’s nearness, and knew we were there on assignment from heaven.