Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 6 in Fiji: Sunday Church

This morning we had church at the base camp! What joy! We sang and worshiped the Lord together for hours! Our team even joined the HTL worship teams, singing songs in Fijian! There was a strong sense of the Lord's presence and so much joy in being together! Rhonda was asked to share the message and she preached a strong exhortation about the Kingdom of God and challenged us to contend as forerunners of the Kingdom in our generation. Fiji is a nation where you can tangibly experience the Kingdom of God on so many levels! We are so thankful to be in a land where we can “see” God's Kingdom expression. The Lord is filling us with faith to pray for His Kingdom to come to our communities even as He has done in Fiji!

Day 5: Nuko, The First Transformed Village in Fiji

We had another exciting truck ride today, this time up into the mountains! We arrived at Nuku just before lunch. Nuku was the first village that was transformed in Fiji in 2003, and it is the village where Reverend Viuniani is the chief. When we walked through the gate of the village, we all felt the manifest presence of the Lord, and it was like a wind of His presence greeted us as we stepped foot in their village! The peace of the Lord was thick and tangible, and we could hardly believe how tangible it was. We all got into the stream that was healed and flows clear. It used to be polluted, and is now pure, even though the source of the stream is still polluted and rusty in color. Again it was surreal to know the story of Nuku, and then to feel and experience in person was awesome. We had a powerful time of prayer in the stream as the pastor and several elders of the village cried out to the Lord on our behalf!

Day 4 in Nateleira, Fiji- A Transformed Village!

These pictures are from the monument at the entrance of the village and the beach near the location of the fire from heaven! We journeyed several hours to the coastal village of Nataleira, which was transformed in May 2004. Before the process, the village was experiencing dry land, untimely deaths, witchcraft, teenage pregnancy, marijuana usage, and dissension with the teenagers and the elders of the village. The stone idols at the entrance of the village were even speaking to people. They began praying and fasting during and all 4 churches started meeting every evening, repenting of their sin and removing all the articles of their idolatry and sin from their homes. The presence of the Lord was restored to the village, and a pillar of fire fell from heaven one morning for about 30 minutes. Following the transformation abundant, large fish were restored, crops were restored, and coral reefs started to grow again! It was surreal for many of us to actually visit this place that we had heard so much about, and had even relayed the story before even visiting here. We enjoyed the beautiful beach and sat listening intently as an Elder of the village shared the story. The curses and problems they were experiencing have stopped, and the change is even evident in the plush green foliage! We had a time of worship and prayer together, asking God to send His fire to our hearts!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Prayer and Worship Night!

Rhonda preached last night on intimacy being the key to transformation. Following the message, our team facilitated a time of prayer and worship following the harp and bowl model, which is prayer and worship together found in Revelation 5:8. It was great!! We took Ephesians 3:14-21 and directed our intercession toward Tavua, the village we're going on Monday to start the transformation process. The Fijian team LOVED the prayer and worship model! We entered together into wave after wave of the worship and glory of God! Another great night of worshiping together!

We are going to continue to model and train the HTL team in prayer and worship. Together we will have a little “hut of prayer” in the village to undergird the transformation process!

Home Visit Testimonies

Our team divided up and went out with 6 HTL leaders to visit homes in the area that are Hindu and Muslim. We were greeted with such openness! They invited us in, served us tea and allowed us to pray for them. The atmosphere here is so open, we couldn't believe the receptivity of the people! The HTL team has been loving this community, and it is a joy to go into the homes with them to minister to people! Tonight we are going to invite the people to join us for worship!

One team went to a Hindu family's home and the woman had ear problems and arm pain prayed for day before. She had no more pain in her arm and most of her hearing was restored! The woman got anointing oil, put Val's hand on her ear, and then had them pray for about 5 minutes. The people in the home previously participated in black magic, and there was still darkness and oppression within the house, and the woman saw the demonic activity. Max the Fijian told her that she had to take responsibility of the black magic done in her house. She proclaimed Jesus as the only true God, and that He was Lord over all the idols. She repented of all the black magic and witchcraft done.

Day 3 in Fiji- Meeting the Fiji Police

The visit from the Police Officers was almost beyond belief. About a year ago, the national police commissioner proposed a new strategy for crime prevention: To ensure that the entire Fiji Police Force has the opportunity to know Jesus, and then make Him known to every precinct in Fiji. Their goal- to have Fiji crime-free by depending on God's help by 2012!

The new “Jesus Strategy” was launched a year ago, and to date the crime has been reduced 12%! It is estimated that 70% of the Fiji Police Force are now born-again Christians! Many Muslim and Hindu police officers have been brought into the Kingdom as well.

The new “program” involves evangelistic crusades led by the police force in uniform in every precinct in Fiji. The police jazz band has now become the Fiji police worship team, and they march through the streets of communities worshiping Jesus and blessing the people. There is a monthly gathering for all police officers and their families in Suva!

The police department is also partnering with other government agencies to solve problems like unemployment, etc. The prison system is also involved by both rehabilitating prisoners as well as reconciling the prisoners to their victims and their families.

The commissioner shared the following convictions about why this dramatic change has occurred in the nation:
They have one strategy for fighting crime: JESUS!
The Jesus Strategy: To act as Jesus did, then the public will be helped. There was not a focus on criminals, but on the people.
No one wants to be a criminal, and it is the circumstances that turn them into criminals. The police now focus on the people and the good qualities of each individual, calling them to righteousness and lives that contribute to the well-being of society.
When there is a focus on criminal activity, the police officers turn into criminals.
The police officers have become counselors to the people, sharing the Word of God and seeing lives changed by His power.
The Hindus and Muslims do accept the Christian police because the reduction in crime is a blessing to them as well.
The Police visit the churches on Sundays to share their vision the members, and to present a new heart and face of the police force to the people. In the past people would see the police, and be fearful because of corruption and brutality, etc. Now they are surprised to see the police officers worshiping the Lord and caring for the people of the community.
The Police want people to understand that they are cared for and protected as friends.
When someone is arrested, they are given the opportunity to be born-again and allow Jesus to change their life. If they do go to prison, they are encouraged to grow in the Lord and attend prayer meetings.
Every month the officers and their families are bussed in for a worship celebration in Suva.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 2 in Fiji

We rested on a flat surface for the first time in over 40 hours, and it was splendid. The roosters were greeting us from 3:30 AM on, which was fine (not really). We had a unique opportunity to spend the morning listening to Chief Vuniani teaching on Healing the Land. Wow – a lot to digest but what an awesome time hearing the teaching and all the testimony of transformation in Fiji and other nations.

Tomorrow, the Police Commissioner and several police officers are going to come share with us about the national “Crime Prevention Plan,” which is to evangelize every potential criminal across Fiji! So far, almost every police officer is born-again, and they are holding evangelistic crusades across the nation in uniform, with a 40% reduction in crime!! That should be an interesting time.

Tomorrow afternoon, we are joining the HTL team in home-visits within their neighborhood. They have been ministering into the mostly Muslim/Hindu community with the love of Jesus. As a result, the neighborhood is holding their community meetings at the Healing the Land base, and looking to them for leadership in the community. Imagine that!

We are having a great time, to say the least, and we are blessed beyond our expectation! More updates to follow, and thank you for your prayers and support!

Day 1 in Fiji

With 7 different flights among our team and one bus route, we all made it without any delays or hang-ups! Praise the Lord for the favor and grace He had on getting all 22 of us here safely and on-time! We arrived in Nadi (pronounced Nan-dee) around 5:00 AM Fiji time, which is actually 17 hours ahead of Central time. We loaded vans and drove to a church plant within the city, and we were treated with an amazing breakfast including rolls filled with whipped cream, fresh bread, juice, coffee, papaya, and bananas. We heard the story of how a transformed village actually gave back some land in the city, so that the church could use it. A mountain right outside the door was “Sleeping Giant,” which overlooked Nadi. We then traveled east for about 5 hours on the southern border across the beautiful Fijian countryside towards Nausori. We had one stop at a roadside store full of Fijian goods, and made it to the Healing the Land Base without a problem. We were welcomed with a nice lunch, and then we spent the afternoon relaxing and hanging out with the Healing the Land Team. Our night concluded with a dinner in the main meeting room, followed by a powerful time of worship! When we began worshiping together with the team here it felt like an explosion! The director of the Healing the Land team, Savenacca, then welcomed us and shared about the ministry. What an amazing first day!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ready for Takeoff!

Here's the team getting ready to fly to Fiji!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fiji Trip June 13th-23rd

Those of a “different spirit” possess the new land!

Caleb was able to “see” that the land the Lord sent them into was the land of promise. While others were intimidated and filled with unbelief Caleb was stirred with faith that they could do what the Lord called them to do – in spite of the giants and fortified cities!

The Lord is seeking a generation who can “see” the land of promise and step into that land with confidence and faith, abandoning themselves to Kingdom purposes! Our land of promise is our own hearts, families, congregations and communities! God wants to bring restoration and redemption to every part of the “land” where we live!

Jesus is calling us to a spiritual revolution! It’s a revolution out of the status quo of compromised American Christianity! It’s a revolution into intimacy and holiness! It’s a revolution unto the redemption of everything that has been defiled by sin and rebellion! The spiritual revolution is unto supernatural transformation!

God is moving in powerful ways across the earth transforming entire communities with His presence and power! At the beginning of the 21st Century, eight communities were identified as being supernaturally transformed. Today, almost 1,000 communities in 45 nations represented on every continent have been impacted by the fire of transforming revival in just one decade!

Transformation Sweeping Across Fiji

The most pervasive and intentional transformation of communities today is occurring in the nation of Fiji where over 200 communities have already been transformed by the manifest presence and power of God! The transformation of Fiji is occurring at both a national and grass roots level. For Fiji stories click on picture top right!

God is displaying His extravagance in Fiji! His presence, power and mercy are restoring life and bringing healing to hundreds of villages and the work of God is spreading to other islands and nations in the South Pacific. Fiji is one of many communities in the world today that encourages us that our God is a Redeemer and Healer not only of our individual hearts and lives but also of our communities and land, systems and governments.

When you visit a transformed village you can feel the tangible presence of God and see the impact of His Kingdom! Reports from around the nation in these transformed villages are abundant: entire villages experiencing salvation, dramatic healings occurring, dead coral reefs coming to life in 24 hours, polluted water being healed, barren families having children, abundance of fish that had disappeared for 50 years, police leading evangelistic crusades, and a unified, praying church has replaced a competitive, bitter division among believers.

At the heart of this transforming revival is a team of young adults who have committed themselves to contending for God’s glory to cover their nation. The “Healing the Land Team” was formed to help lead villages across the nation in a transformational process based on applying 2 Chronicles 7:14: “if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

Pioneering a Transformation “Healing the Land Team” for the USA!

Our team has been in relationship with the leaders of the Healing the Land Team for several years. The relationship is deep and connected to God’s purposes for His glory to come to the Western World through supernatural transformation of communities. We recognize that in the area of supernatural transformation we in the Western world are not the experts but must posture our hearts as learners, sitting at the feet and learning from those who have a story to tell. The Lord is using the Fiji team and testimony to help us in the USA understand God’s ways and His word so we can pursue Him unto transformation in our own nation!

Four years ago while I was at a conference in Fiji the Lord spoke to me very clearly saying, “Raise up a healing the land team in Fusion Ministries for the United States”. I was shocked by the weight of the word and confused by the thought – “How could a small ministry like ours ever attempt something like that?”

We are committed to be obedient to the word of the Lord to train up a Healing the Land Team for our nation - a unique assignment in the Western World! This trip is the ground-breaking for the days ahead!

The trip to Fiji in June is not a typical “missions” trip, but a seed-sowing of the supernatural transformation “DNA” from the Fiji team into young adults in the United States. These young adults have a passion to see God’s glory come to our nation!

The trip is exciting because the young adults coming are all part of transformational ministry in their own communities! This is mission with a context, foundation and long-term vision – for our nation! We are building a road to Fiji and back to communities in the United States that are already pursuing transforming revival – fertile, cultivated soil!

Beginning the Journey

Our team is very diverse! Some are just out of high school, some in college, others in the marketplace, and some are already in full-time ministry. One thing is certain: All of us were hand-picked by the Lord to go to Fiji, so that we can bring this experience to our own nation! God provided finances miraculously - some to the exact dollar amount needed! The lifestyle of transformation is already in our hearts, and we are ready to see that dream become a reality where we live. There is a desire to be in the middle of what the Lord is doing and see His Kingdom come on Earth as it is in Heaven, which is something we expect to witness first-hand in Fiji!

Many of us feel as though we are jumping off a cliff into the unknown! But we know in our hearts this will be the most exhilarating adventure of our lives! We are traveling to the other side of the world not as observers, but as hungry, desperate people ready to abandon ourselves to do whatever it takes to see transformation in the Western World!