Friday, June 18, 2010

Home Visit Testimonies

Our team divided up and went out with 6 HTL leaders to visit homes in the area that are Hindu and Muslim. We were greeted with such openness! They invited us in, served us tea and allowed us to pray for them. The atmosphere here is so open, we couldn't believe the receptivity of the people! The HTL team has been loving this community, and it is a joy to go into the homes with them to minister to people! Tonight we are going to invite the people to join us for worship!

One team went to a Hindu family's home and the woman had ear problems and arm pain prayed for day before. She had no more pain in her arm and most of her hearing was restored! The woman got anointing oil, put Val's hand on her ear, and then had them pray for about 5 minutes. The people in the home previously participated in black magic, and there was still darkness and oppression within the house, and the woman saw the demonic activity. Max the Fijian told her that she had to take responsibility of the black magic done in her house. She proclaimed Jesus as the only true God, and that He was Lord over all the idols. She repented of all the black magic and witchcraft done.

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