Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 4 in Nateleira, Fiji- A Transformed Village!

These pictures are from the monument at the entrance of the village and the beach near the location of the fire from heaven! We journeyed several hours to the coastal village of Nataleira, which was transformed in May 2004. Before the process, the village was experiencing dry land, untimely deaths, witchcraft, teenage pregnancy, marijuana usage, and dissension with the teenagers and the elders of the village. The stone idols at the entrance of the village were even speaking to people. They began praying and fasting during and all 4 churches started meeting every evening, repenting of their sin and removing all the articles of their idolatry and sin from their homes. The presence of the Lord was restored to the village, and a pillar of fire fell from heaven one morning for about 30 minutes. Following the transformation abundant, large fish were restored, crops were restored, and coral reefs started to grow again! It was surreal for many of us to actually visit this place that we had heard so much about, and had even relayed the story before even visiting here. We enjoyed the beautiful beach and sat listening intently as an Elder of the village shared the story. The curses and problems they were experiencing have stopped, and the change is even evident in the plush green foliage! We had a time of worship and prayer together, asking God to send His fire to our hearts!

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  1. Awesome and awe inspiring. Would that we in America would pay the price.