Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pioneering a Transformation “Healing the Land Team” for the USA!

Our team has been in relationship with the leaders of the Healing the Land Team for several years. The relationship is deep and connected to God’s purposes for His glory to come to the Western World through supernatural transformation of communities. We recognize that in the area of supernatural transformation we in the Western world are not the experts but must posture our hearts as learners, sitting at the feet and learning from those who have a story to tell. The Lord is using the Fiji team and testimony to help us in the USA understand God’s ways and His word so we can pursue Him unto transformation in our own nation!

Four years ago while I was at a conference in Fiji the Lord spoke to me very clearly saying, “Raise up a healing the land team in Fusion Ministries for the United States”. I was shocked by the weight of the word and confused by the thought – “How could a small ministry like ours ever attempt something like that?”

We are committed to be obedient to the word of the Lord to train up a Healing the Land Team for our nation - a unique assignment in the Western World! This trip is the ground-breaking for the days ahead!

The trip to Fiji in June is not a typical “missions” trip, but a seed-sowing of the supernatural transformation “DNA” from the Fiji team into young adults in the United States. These young adults have a passion to see God’s glory come to our nation!

The trip is exciting because the young adults coming are all part of transformational ministry in their own communities! This is mission with a context, foundation and long-term vision – for our nation! We are building a road to Fiji and back to communities in the United States that are already pursuing transforming revival – fertile, cultivated soil!

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