Friday, July 2, 2010

Update from Tavua: End of Week 1

Greetings from the HTL team here at Rukuruku (the village) in Tavua. We are all blessed to be right in the midst of the awakening of God’s Presence. Well, your team was a blessing to this community while you were hear, and I believe you still are because of your continued prayer support from your different cities towards the HTL process in Tavua.

The presence of the Lord is hovering the whole community, resulting in healings and blessing that took the community by surprise beginning this morning (29th June). I shared last night from John 5 about Jesus healing a man at the pool at Bethsaida who was crippled for 38 years. Jesus asked the man, “Do you want to be healed?” The Bible says that were many that were sick, but Jesus asked this one man that very important question....and the rest is history. I told the people last night that Jesus is coming to Rukuruku, and He is asking the same question “Do you want to be healed?” to anyone that was crippled. The next few verses it says that the man was healed instantly, suddenly...I told them the Jesus is going to heal and bless their community suddenly...suddenly. After I spoke, the Lord's presence broke loose in the meeting place, softening people’s hearts, and Pastor Bill found it hard to end the meeting last night. God was taking OVER....Amen!...
This morning people begin to come to us and share what God had suddenly done for them....they are of course blessing and miracles....God is Awesome!

We began the home visitation yesterday, and people just openly confess their sins....husband and wives asking forgiveness from each other for committing adultery with another man or woman. The Lord's presence just broke loose in all the homes as people ask and accept forgiveness from family members. Yes, there was a revival of repentance.

Please ask that God would continue to reveal his heart to us regarding the community, and also pray that He continues to shine his presence into the community and in each home. Please also for HTL team to be strengthened by the Lord, as tiredness is slowly creeping in.

Rhonda, please pass on our love and blessing to all the team, and we really acknowledge the great blessing you have been to the HTL team and the Rukuruku community as a whole.
Blessings, Savenaca (Leader of the HTL Team)

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