Friday, July 2, 2010

Update 2 from Tavua: Middle of Week 2

Greetings from Dodo,
We are going into the second week of process in Tavua, and God has already starting to show up in the village. I will tell you what has happened in the village after just 1 week of the process. The majority of the villagers are sugarcane farmers, and for several years they have been asking the government's assistance by providing a truck to transport their cane to the mill. Yesterday, thanks to the faithfulness of God in His word, they received not one, but two 7 ton trucks for the villagers to keep.
Not only that, these farmers did not harvest their cane last season because of financial constraints faced by them in the cost of labor( cutters) . That same day, the mill called these farmers to come and collect their checks because their cane is going to be harvested. Now they have the money for labor and the trucks, harvesting will start as soon as the HTL process is over. One of these farmers is the chief of the tribe himself.
In the service every evening, the pastors had a hard time controlling the people because nearly everybody wants to share testimonies of extraordinary things that they are experiencing in the villages.
An old man stepped up to confess that he once sacrificed a bullock to a ten headed snake god. It has haunted his family and friends that they did the ritual with. Now he is being set free, praise the Lord!
Yesterday morning we saw three qualified but unemployed brothers in one family receive call-ups from work places in Suva and Nadi!
As from today onwards the Healing the land team will adopt the HARP N BOWL WORSHIP AND PRAYER STYLE, and it is found to be very effective in the process. Thank you guys for teaching us!

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