Friday, July 2, 2010

Update 3 from Tavua: Late Week 2

Wow guess what, last night I just got to preach for about 25minutes when the presence of the Lord intervene and I just couldn't continue and at that same time people were shaking everywhere inside the makeshift and I just ended up calling them forward, everybody came running form all direction, yes they did not walk but literally ran to the alter......and the presence of the Lord just swept everybody to the floor.....As that was happening, our prayer team that were praying at the porch of the house where you (Females) stayed at...their eyes were opened and they saw that Jesus was standing at the Pulpit and a river burst out from where Jesus was and right into the makeshift.....and they didn't even know what was actually taking place in the meeting venue. Yes HE showed up and everybody were drawn to HIM.

We believe that God is going to do things in Rukuruku that we haven't seen before.

Well God definately is in town....and when that happens you know what follows...healing....blessings and miracles.......
Thank you for labouring with us here in Rukuruku, Tavua.


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