Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day 7 in Fiji: Tavua Village – Entering Hostile Territory

We traveled most of the day across the mountains again toward the village of Tavua. When we crossed into the region we felt the shift in the spiritual atmosphere. There had not been a transformed village here before, and you could feel the ancient strongholds in this dark land. Idols were prominent and “guarding” villages, the people looked oppressed, and the spiritual climate felt hostile. As we arrived into the village it had just gotten dark and the spiritual atmosphere was intense! We quickly unpacked and started our “hut of prayer”!
The first thing we did as a team was to confess all our sins out loud, repenting to one another for unkind words, attitudes, etc. We then repented “Fijian style:” On the count of 3 we shouted out all known sin. We cleansed our hearts together before the Lord. We were going into battle, and we wanted to be on the same page and have right hearts before the Lord! It was a powerful time of connecting as a team, and reconnected to the Lord.
The prayer and worship time settled our hearts, and a strange, hostile environment quickly became a sanctuary of the Lord’s presence – an “embassy of heaven”. It was awesome!! We worshipped and prayed all evening, securing the perimeter in the spirit. We felt the Lord’s nearness, and knew we were there on assignment from heaven.

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