Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 9– Tavua Village – Spiritual Atmosphere Change!

The second morning we had a bit more sleep and gathered at 7 AM to pray as a team. As we worshiped we noticed the chatting of people in the village – it sounded so different. As we listened we realized there was a difference in the spiritual atmosphere! There was light and joy coming out of the people, even early in the morning. Our team prayer walked through the village two by two blessing what God was doing, and we felt there was a lightness and joy in the atmosphere that was not there the previous day! The Lord was breaking through as a result of the corporate repentance the night before, and we were so encouraged! We had a powerful time of prophetic prayer and worship that morning in the hut of prayer! The village gathering was also powerful as the HTL leaders taught the people about the consequences of covenant breaking and sexual immorality. Again, at the altar call EVERYONE came forward and repented!

Early in the afternoon we departed for the village for Nadi to prepare for our return home. We spent the afternoon at a hotel getting hot showers, debriefing, and then traveling to the airport with Chief Vuniani and his wife Betty. It was a good time to talk and pray and begin to transition out of Fiji village life and prepare our hearts to come home. Leaving Fiji was hard, but we know this is an on-going Kingdom relationship with many more adventures ahead!

The HTL team continued to teach the word of the Lord in the village during the first week, then the second week (through the first week of July) they will begin visiting every home in the village. They uproot all sin and facilitate the repentance/reconciliation process both between the family and the Lord and with one another. Each home will be spiritually cleansed, anointed, and consecrated to the Lord.

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