Thursday, September 16, 2010

Texas A & M... The Story Gets Better!

During my time in Bryan I also met with student ministry leaders on the University campus about preparing themselves for spiritual revolution by consecrating themselves unto the Lord. Tuesday evening I shared my heart with 25 student leaders. It was awesome – they were so open, so hungry! So ready! Without any questions they said “yes”! They want to consecrate themselves onto the Lord and lead the students in their ministries to do the same.
Wednesday afternoon I met with 12 more student leaders. It was so powerful! When I shared my heart about consecration a young woman beside me began to cry uncontrollably. Another leader shared the Lord had been speaking to him for 2 months about consecrating himself! Another leader said “Rhonda it’s like we see a bike, we know it’s a bike and we’re suppose to ride it but we don’t know how”. When I shared with them about the “Face to Face” consecration it all made sense to them. They said “yes” immediately!
Since those meetings the Lord is supernaturally connecting students to pray for transformation! He is calling some to prepare to document what He’s about to do!
The student ministry leaders are committed to going through the Divine Experiment with the city. Imagine a city where the pastors and their congregations, combined with students at a University all begin to consecrate themselves unto the Lord – humbling themselves, seeking His face, repenting together??
The Lord has His eye on Bryan Texas, on His church and on the campus. Please pray for the Lord to fan the flame that has ignited until it’s a roaring fire of revival that sweeps across the city and region!!

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