Thursday, September 16, 2010

Spiritual Explosion in Bryan, Texas!

I (Rhonda) recently traveled to Bryan Texas to meet with pastors who have been praying and fasting together all summer following the murder of a young man in their community. While we only scheduled one evening meeting together to share the vision of transformation of the community, the Lord had much more in mind!
The Monday evening meeting exploded with expectation and desperation! When I walked into the auditorium I was greeted by about 100 people and an atmosphere saturated with the presence of Jesus. These were hungry people!
The people in the room represented many parts of the community – an interesting “mix” like I had never seen before! Ex-gang members with the glory of God shining on their faces helped me set up my book table. The Chief of Police other officers sat in the back row, focused and intense. Member of the city council were there and hungry for God. University students had gathered, the house of prayer staff was there, ex-drug addicts were in the room, Hispanic and African American and white pastors.
In spite of the wide diversity of the people who had gathered you could feel the spirit of unity and what they wanted – they were hungry for Jesus! They were ready to do whatever it takes to prepare the way of the Lord into their community! These were leaders and people that shared the 3 most critical characteristics of those that God’s presence begins to rest on: humility, desperation and hunger.
When I shared the message of hope about God’s heart to bring supernatural transformation to their hurting community it resonated – they knew they were being consecrated by the Lord but they didn’t know unto what. When they heard the vision they received it with joy and passion.
That Monday night meeting lead to a 3 ½ hour breakfast meeting with leaders the following day. The breakfast consultation lead to a 4 hour lunch with the leaders on Wednesday! They were hungry and desperate for God! I have never seen anything like it!
Wednesday night was the highlight for me. I was scheduled to speak to a Hispanic congregation. By the time we got to Wednesday the Lord had so stirred the people of the city at least 6 other congregations cancelled their Wednesday services and told their people to come to the meeting!! The place was packed! The atmosphere was charged with expectation, desperation and hunger!
The pastors have decided to lead their congregations through the “Face to Face – Divine Experiment” in a couple of weeks! In order to prepare their own hearts to lead their congregations through, they have shut themselves away in a hotel from for 3 days to fast and pray and get their hearts right with the Lord and each other. We’re praying with them and excited to hear what the Lord says and how we can serve them in the days ahead!

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