Tuesday, August 10, 2010

An Impartation of Faith in Peoria!

Rhonda and Adam Moser were recently in Peoria for a powerful weekend. Friday night the Fiji team spoke to about 100 young adults at “The Garage”. We shared our hearts and convictions and then we prayed over everybody! The power of God came and many people received an impartation of faith and spiritual vision for seeing God’s Kingdom come in transforming revival!

Saturday morning the Fiji team met with the pastors/leaders of the city and again, as we shared with them all that we witnessed and the fresh conviction about the power of God’s word to bring transformation, faith increased in the hearts of the leaders.

The picture is of a table we saw in Fiji, and it very closely resembles the State of Illinois! There were 17 of the 22 of from Illinois, and it was quite the surprise. We took this once piece, mahogany cross-section of wood as a personal sign that the Lord really took us to Fiji because He longs to transform our land and us as a people!

Sunday night we joined the congregations in Peoria who are crying out for transforming revival in their city! We cried out for the manifest presence of God, asking His transforming power to touch us and all of the Peoria area! Rhonda preached about being living stones that build the dwelling place where God’s presence can rest (Eph 2&3, 1 Peter 2:4). She encouraged us that the Lord is building us together into a spiritual home. The Lord had showed her a vision of Jesus, dressed in burlap out in a dirty field. He was picking up stones. She was dumbfounded, and asked, “What are you doing?” He responded, “You don’t know what I can do with this stone.” Jesus has come to refine us, and transform us from being opaque to being translucent and brilliant, reflecting the glory of God! The process that he has is the fire of circumstances, and then He cements us with His love as He fits us together next to other “living stones.” This process is not always easy, but is part of the sanctification, and He breaks our rough edges as we are fitted together. Then we together become the “dwelling place of God in the Spirit” and His glory and presence will begin to rest upon His corporate church. The Lord met each of us in a personal and corporate way. We left there desiring to become the living stones that He wants us to be, allowing Him to shine through us and make “His manifold wisdom known”!

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  1. Thank you Lord for confirming Your word and sharing Your heart with us for this region! Encouraging and powerful!