Thursday, September 16, 2010

Weekend Transformation Intensive – Bradley University, Peoria, IL

Processing the internal revolution in our hearts at Chi Alpha House

The first class of the weekend transformation intensive was awesome! We had over 30 people, and we met at the Garret Culture Center on Bradley University campus.
The first class focused on three main sessions: In session 1 we learned what revival from heaven IS and its timeless characteristics and we heard testimony of many great revivals. Then we watched a DVD of the Hebrides revival that interviewed people who were a part of that great revival! You could still feel the sweet atmosphere of revival as they shared! It provoked such hunger in our hearts!
Session 2 focused on the progressive nature of redemption, church history and the catalytic role revival plays in advancing the church forward toward the end of the age. There is a grand plan and history is God’s story! Then we looked at a chart of the redemptive story and discovered where we are now in history and what the Lord has ahead for us in the coming final great revival!
Finally our last session we learned about the role of spiritual revolutionaries in revival history and heard about the many heroes through revival history who lived radical lives abandoned to Jesus and His Kingdom!
Monday the class met again in the Chi Alpha prayer room and we had an honest discussion about what it means to be a spiritual revolutionary? We talked about the revolution needed in our own hearts to get untangled from the spirit of the age and resist the anti-christ system the permeates our culture.
Our “homework” for the next three weeks is to ask Jesus to bring revelation to any areas of our hearts and minds that are in conformity to the opposing kingdom and value system. We are asking the Lord to highlight areas of compromise in our hearts, secure our identities in Him, and remove insecurities that lead to passivity. We were also encouraged to gather our friends and watch “Luther” and “Amazing Grace” and stir our hearts about spiritual revolutionaries in history who changed the course of history in their generation!
Our next class is October. Check out to register!

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