Friday, January 7, 2011

Mike Bickle announcing new book release at Onething 2010!

Our new book on revival was just released at the One Thing conference with 27,000 young adults in Kansas City. The book has already sold over 300 copies and doors are opening into national leadership networks here in the United States, in England, and several nations in Asia.

We had a launch party at Wes Adam’s house where we celebrated the arrival of the book with friends and family. We thanked the Lord and dedicated the book to His purposes for revival in the nations!

The Sunday night after the One Thing conference Rhonda, Marie and Adam hosted a party at Rhonda’s house for international friends from Holland, Sweden and Indonesia. We cooked, ate and fellowshipped together. The Swedish guys were gripped by the “PURITY” booklet and read it through while they waited for dinner!

Following dinner we had a powerful prayer meeting! The presence of the Lord came so strongly as we cried out for more, wave after wave of the Holy Spirit broke in on us. It was like the awakening services at IHOP in the middle of Rhonda’s living room! We prayed, ministered and prophesied over one another until late that night. The Lord ignited a fire in us and through us and left a fresh deposit of His presence in the house!

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  1. Good for Mike Bickle! I am getting ready to release my supernatural middle grade work of fiction this September. Check it out at