Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Call to Consecration! Texas A & M University Campus

Last Thursday night I stood in the chapel of the seventh largest university in our nation (47,000 students) and invited students and campus leaders to consecrate themselves to the Lord for 21 days using the “Face to Face Divine Experiment.” They said yes! And they said now! So, on February 13th almost 400 students on the campus will commit to radically realign their hearts with Jesus and separate themselves from the influence of the spirit of the age!

Many of us believe that this is a stake in the ground for a broader consecration on this campus and even other campuses in our nation next Fall. We are already seeing other doors begin to open – Jesus wants to consecrate this generation in radical devotion and prepare them for a spiritual revolution unto transforming revival in our nation!

Let’s contend together and trust God for unprecedented breakthrough on this campus and in College Station, Texas! May it truly be a stake in the ground for His Kingdom to advance on campuses in the coming months!

Please be praying for me this coming weekend when I return to Texas A & M for the launch Sunday afternoon. Pray the Lord gathers, ignites and gives grace to their hearts as they begin their “exodus” from captivity into restored intimacy with Jesus!


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