Thursday, October 28, 2010

Explosive Weekend in Indiana!

Adam shared Friday night and it was powerful! He challenged people to believe God for more than the status quo but to see the Kingdom of God come to the earth! We had a good mix of young adults and most of the adults from the seminar came as well! People were so hungry! The young adults lead the worship and the presence of God was so thick in the room! They continued with their house of prayer after the meeting.

Saturday we had a packed church for the leadership consultation. It was amazing! The Lord literally gave Steve and Rhonda each message before they spoke. His heart was focused on the communities becoming a dwelling place where He could rest among them. We felt the passion in God’s heart for His people to worship Him.

That night we applied the teaching and gathered to be a house of prayer. We had a sweet time of worship and then we prayed together out of Ephesians for the church to be “rooted and grounded in the love of Christ”. It was a great night of prayer!

Sunday night we hosted the premiere of “An Appalachian Dawn” the Kentucky transformation story at the Methodist church. The place was packed out! Rhonda told stories of transformation before the documentary was shown for those who arrived early. The documentary was one of the most powerful the Sentinel Group has ever produced and it’s right here in the United States!!

The weekend was a breakthrough weekend! To the extent that the religious spirit that prevails over the area was provoked. At the conclusion of the documentary Sunday night a man manifesting a religious spirit hijacked the meeting with a bizarre “message from the Lord”. Despite most kind attempts he persisted until he was escorted out. It was a very awkward and unfortunate ending to our exciting night. However, it was a great exercise for the church in her discernment and convictions!

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