Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer Transformation Intensive Post #3

We made it Manchester-City of Hope, Kentucky safely on Saturday, and it was a great road trip.

This is Hobart Hensley, and he goes to a church in Manchester. He is a Daniel Boone historian, and he demonstrated his flint-lock rifle for us, let us shoot blank rounds and taught us how to start fires with flint and a piece of metal.

The three guys in the middle are Big Dave, Steve Collett, and Barry Swafford (from left to right). They were former drug abusers and dealers, and the Lord has delivered them and is using them mightily in the community of Manchester! We prayed for Dave's partially paralyzed left leg, and the Lord restored movement to his heal after 6 years of not being able to move!

Every evening we have had amazing services with churches from around the community. Marvin Adams and his team from the house of prayer in Terre Haute, Indiana has been teaching them the harp and bowl worship structure. Rhonda and Marvin have been teaching about the corporate house of the Lord, consecration, the house of prayer.

Taylor Stanley, one of the participants, celebrated his 21st birthday with us, and we baked him a cake and sang to him multiple times :)

Melanda Adams came and shared about how the Lord rescued her from drugs, and what it looks like to be authentic followers of Jesus every day.

Here's our team worshiping together at a local couple's house one evening after the service.

Here is the memorial stone for the march against drugs and corruption from May 2, 2004. In a town of 1900 people, around 3500 showed up to march for the glory of God!
Portions of the march can be watched on the trailer of "An Appalachian Dawn" at or the full-length DVD can be purchased on our website at

Here's our team on the "Nickel Tour" of Manchester at the park where the march commenced. We could feel the presence of the Lord in the park, and the peace of God is tangible in multiple parts of the community!

This is New Clay County Justice Center, that was built in the last few years. The inscription on the side says "FOR THERE IS NO INJUSTICE, NO PARTIALITY, NOR BRIBERY." The people had prayed that God would expose the darkness, and over 60 public officials have been indicted and tried for different corruption charges in the last 7 years. The light and truth has exposed the darkness, and justice is prevailing in Manchester-City of Hope, Kentucky!

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