Saturday, July 23, 2011

Summer Transformation Intensive Post #2

The Lord has been so amazing throughout the week, so here is a brief overview.

It's been FILLED with grace!! Every detail, logistic, all the meals, 16 hours of intense teaching, 25 hours in my house fellowshipping and worship/prayer meetings, watching transformation documentaries, etc. Your prayer has make all this possible. We never would have made it!!!

Rhonda teaching at IHOP-U

The team GOT the transformation theology, revelation, understanding, hunger - all of it. I was amazed how they perceived and digested it all. Not only that but they responded personally in humility and deep repentance. The Lord truly transformed them in a couple of days.
The class at IHOP-U

As they watched the transformation documentaries the Lord broke their hearts for their own communities, they saw the parallels of the strongholds, status quo of the church, etc. Then they saw what the Lord did and FAITH and HOPE rose up in their hearts!!! They are walking in revelation and faith knowing that Jesus IS A REDEEMER OF ALL THINGS!! Even of their own community.
Worshiping in the Basement

The highlight was our times of worship. Every time we worshipped we were in an amazing place in the spirit. Each evening different young adults lead us into the presence of the Lord. One night the Lord opened our eyes and released a gift of faith for transformation. We entered into a time of spontaneous prophetic worship and got caught up together in a place in the spirit for almost 45 minutes. It was incredible. The young adults had faith imparted to them and were changed from that Monday night meeting!
Another night worshiping together

Last night we watched the Manchester documentary and one of our group who is from Manchester shared his testimony and lead us in worship. All of a sudden we broke through into a place in the spirit I have rarely been. One person saw the heavens open over us, like a portal was formed over my basement. Another saw a staircase with angels ascending and descending, and another heard angels singing and began to softly sing the song he heard. I felt the weight of God's glory rest on us and then the power of God came into the room. It was CHARGED with His presence, like electricity.

My heart is full of anticipation of what the Lord has in mind for Kentucky and even beyond. This has been a week of encounter and equipping of revolutionaries.

In Christ,

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